Strafford County Regional Accident Reconstruction Team

The Strafford County Regional Accident Reconstruction Team, or SCRAR Team for short, was established in May 2005 after it was determined that there was a need for a specialized team to focus on the investigation and reconstruction of serious motor vehicle collisions.   The SCRAR Team is made up of officers, detectives, deputy sheriffs and one civilian from the following participating agencies:   Barrington Police, Farmington Police, Middleton Police, Milton Police, Rochester Police, Rollinsford Police, Somersworth Police, Strafford County Sheriff’s Department, and the Strafford Police.

Members of the SCRAR Team will respond to serious motor vehicle collisions involved serious injury or death and will take steps to collect and analyze evidence and reconstruct the events leading to the collision.

The SCRAR Team has two members who are currently SAE certified mechanics and one member who has undergone training in the area of vehicle mechanics.   These three members perform the post-collision vehicle inspections (autopsies) necessary in many investigations.

SCRAR Team’s Message

Please, do not drink and drive and slow down!

We do not want your business.

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