The Rochester Police Department operates a State-of-the-Art Communications Center.

When Ted Blair, Jr. was appointed Chief of Police in 1995, one of his goals was to create and build a modernized communications center that would serve the City of Rochester well for many years to come, and be comfortable for the Communications Specialists who provide the Community with its most vital link to safety and security. His goal was reached in February of 1997. The Communications Center was dedicated on May 7, 1997 in honor of Chief Blair, who was not able to see for himself the fruits of his labor go on-line due to his untimely passing just a few months prior. His insight, integrity, purpose, and wisdom is a legacy cherished by all, who have had the pleasure to work with Ted.

In 2004, the Communications Center saw another significant upgrade when operations were moved to the new police headquarters building.  Since then, the center has seen regular upgrades and continues to be a key component in the overall operation of the department.

Communications Staff:

The Rochester Public Safety Communications Center is overseen by a Police Sergeant Supervisor and staffed with 3 team leaders and eight full-time plus one part-time Communication Specialists. Combined experience in public safety dispatching is over 45 years and growing each year. In early 1998, the Communications staff took on the added responsibility and privilege of dispatch functions for the Rochester Fire Department. In 2007, Rochester Public Safety entered into a partnership with Frisbie Memorial Hospital Ambulance and now dispatches over 5000 requests for emergency medical care.

The Communications Center is extremely busy answering E-911 calls, non-critical, administrative and informational calls, monitoring police, fire and EMS units activity, supplying information and meeting all sorts of demands presented to the specialists on a daily basis. Every day presents new questions, and new solutions for a large and growing city.

The “Center”:

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes the Motorola touch screen modular radio display computer. We can program screens, change radio frequencies, open lock/unlock doors, page apparatus, change traffic control lights, and perform many other functions with the touch of a finger tip… instantly… all on one computer monitor.

The Department’s in-house computer system includes computer aided dispatch, or CAD system. In seconds, we can type in the type of call or complaint and have access to officer safety information for the address or occupants. Warrants, Restraining Orders, Arrests, Hazards, and other vital information can be shared with the responding patrol officers immediately. When a crime is committed, the Communications log becomes a link to the Officer’s report, the investigation and the prosecuting attorney’s file.

The Communications Center has numerous other pieces of technical equipment at its service including: a TTY machine (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf), instant recall recorder, taped video monitors, alarm monitoring devices and other various office equipment.

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