Online Crime Report

Online Crime Report

For Crimes In Progress or other Emergencies Call 911

If you know who the suspect is or

have a description of the suspect


Please call 330-7127 or come to the Police Department located at

23 Wakefield Street, Rochester, NH. 

You may use this form to report the following crimes that occurred within the Rochester City Limits:

 - Theft - The unlawful taking of the personal property of another (Exception is if it is taken from inside your home or the property taken is worth more than $500.)

- Vandalism - Malicious mischief or damage done to your property valued at less than $500. (Exception is graffiti which needs to be photographed by an officer.)

- Vehicle Tampering - Damaging, defacing or removing any parts of a vehicle, windows smashed, car keyed.

- Lost/Stolen Property - Property valued at less than $500 that is missing and it is not known if the property was taken or lost.

- Harassing Phone Calls - Immediate hang-ups, obscene language, etc. with no known suspects.

If your report does not fit the criteria above you may complete the form and print it out to give to the officer that handles your call.