Patrol Services

The Patrol Services Bureau is currently made up of 26 patrol officers, 2 Motor Vehicle Officers, 1 K-9 officer, 4 Sergeants, 3 Lieutenants, 1 Captain, 1 Crime Analyst and 1 Support person.

The City is divided into 6 geographic wards with Sergeants and Patrol officers assigned to each of these areas. The patrol officers are the backbone of any police agency. They respond to and handle all types of calls for service from the quality of life type nuisance complaints to serious assaults and motor vehicle collisions. Rochester Police officers go through a 6 week in-house training program, 12 weeks of intensive instruction at the NH Police Academy, and then undergo an 8 week field training assignment with a certified Field Training Officer. They will undergo in-service training for the duration of their careers.

Each individual patrol officer is encouraged to investigate and follow-up their cases. If a case requires more detailed investigation, the cases are forwarded to the Investigations Unit. They work closely with detectives in assisting with identifying and apprehending suspects. The patrol officers also conduct motor vehicle enforcement activities on a daily basis in an effort to keep our residents and visitors safe.