The Rochester Police Department Prosecutors are responsible for:

  • Prosecution of all NH State Statute and City Ordinance violations (such as motor vehicle violations).
  • Prosecution of non-domestic violence misdemeanor crimes in which the offender is an adult.
  • Prosecution of all misdemeanor and felony level cases (except sexual assault cases) in which the offender is a juvenile.
  • Assist officers with questions related to law.

The prosecutors are supported by a hard working administrative staff.  This staff is responsible for:

  • Issuing witness subpoenas.
  • Preparing paperwork for trial.
  • Filling discovery requests for defense attorneys.
  • Handle all notifications related to DUI offenses.
  • Coordinating timely relay of information between the courts and the police department.
  • Many other daily functions that result in the seamless flow of paperwork from arrest to case completion.

Adult felony level cases are prosecuted by the Strafford County Attorney's office.

Adult Domestic Violence related misdemeanor offenses are prosecuted by the Domestic Violence Unit of the Strafford County Attorney's Office.

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Attorney Andrea Mitrushi


Lieutenant Ann Gould
Juvenile Prosecutor