Rochester United Neighborhoods

Rochester United Neighborhoods

What is Rochester United Neighborhoods (RUN)?

A city-wide initiative to proudly claim ownership and responsibility for our neighborhoods and the City at large. RUN is a grassroots network made up of citizens and elected officials committed to reducing crime and fear of crime, improving quality of life, and building community. Together we develop the capacity to respond creatively to any and all concerns, problems, and crises that occur. RUN can help coordinate activities, better align resources, uncover new resources, leverage mutually supportive actions, and track and celebrate results. RUN allows a community to bring together the right people, set the right climate, establish shared visions and priorities, increase resources through collaboration and cooperation, and aim toward solving problems and implementing solutions. It takes teamwork, and everyone can participate! There are many levels at which neighbors and citizens can get involved.

Is RUN connected with the Rochester Police Department?

RUN is part of the Police Departments Community Policing Initiative. Each neighborhood or ward consists of a police supervisor and a group of officers. Police are present at neighborhood meetings and committed to assisting with neighborhood education and community building activities.

How is Rochester divided?

The City is divided into 6 Wards. These wards are based on the voting districts in 2011.

What are Ward meetings? When are they held?

Neighborhood or Ward meetings help educate, inspire, motivate, and allow for people within neighborhoods to share information among one another and with the police department. The key to success is communication and coordination. Ward meetings are currently held on a monthly or bimonthly basis in each Ward.

What have neighborhoods identified as key focus areas?

Neighborhoods identified crime, prevention, and public safety as key areas to focus on.

How can you help prevent or stop problems within your neighborhood?

 Problems are prevented, decreased, or eliminated by creating communication networks in neighborhoods, enhancing cooperation and communication between existing resources, providing neighborhood training in the areas of dialogue, problem solving and conflict resolution by working with the police and city officials, increasing public knowledge of existing resources, engaging youth in the planning process; and, providing community activities to build relationships and promote neighborliness.

Why should YOU get involved?

We need to work together to solve problems, promote justice, protect the elderly, support recovery, and advocate for youth. We need to continue to establish community spirit and generate a sense of belonging for everyone. We ask everyone to contribute to the lasting success of our unique community meetings.
The Rochester Police Department encourages everyone to play a role in building a safe community by reporting suspicious activity, watching out for our neighbors, and getting involved with youth. By working together, we can make a difference!

Current Ward Officers

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