The Rochester Police Department is a member agency of the Strafford County Regional Tactical Operations Unit

History of SWAT in Rochester

The Rochester “SAFE” team was established in 1998 with 6 members.

This close-knit group trained together, and with other agencies, in various SWAT tactics for 1 year before going fully operational.

Throughout the years, the team expanded to an average of 10-12 members.

In 2006, the concept of regionalization became a reality when the team added members from the Somersworth Police Department and the Strafford County Sheriff’s Office.

In 2007, the expanded team merged with the Dover/Durham SRT forming the Strafford County Regional Tactical Operations Unit.

The teams trained together and in November of 2007 became fully operational.

This team includes operators, paramedics, physicians, tactical dispatchers, negotiators and supervisors from agencies throughout Strafford County.


SWAT Overview

SWAT in an acronym for Special Weapons and Tactics.

The primary focus for the team is managing high risk situations in a manner that results in a peaceful resolution without injuries to the public, the suspect(s) or public safety professionals.      The SWAT team is activated for a variety of special situations.

o        Armed and barricaded individuals

o       Serving warrants in which the suspects are known to be violent and/or armed.

o        Executive/dignitary protection.

o        Security for high profile events.

o       Certain search and rescue situations

o        Other high risk situations that an agency would require assistance.

All team members must go through an extensive selection process to join the unit then are required to attend initial training through the NH Tactical Officer's Association, participate in monthly training sessions and pass a semi-annual physical agility test.

The team is equipped with protective tactical gear and other specialty equipment designed to protect civilians and team members.